Saturday, January 24, 2009

random digital drawings

This is one my digital tools assignments, altough the layout for the assingment was different, here i just wanted to show were i took my drawing with some computer assistance

El Diablo. One of my character designs, it is one of my fave. I wanted to keep the shading simple and i stayed away from the fading so it stays like an animatable character .

trying out the tablet - and practicing photoshop. hope this is the start of a new digital world for me, cuz i enjoy it, altough i got to admit i flunked at drawing in different layer because this is done in only one, and it took a while cuz of the uni-layer approach.

the line art was given to me, and all i had to do was the coloring, but i found it really fun to do, looking forward to post more of these.

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