Wednesday, January 27, 2010

the weight of animation!!!

This is an animation We just finished in class today... i was fairly happy, i see my mistakes but it was good for learning slow in and slow out the acting and the way the animation proceeded was of my choice, the objective was to show understanding of wight and acting in an animation, so this was my result.

this is a previews animation we did of the character lifting the wight... for this project the instructions were more specific onto how we go about doing our project... the objective was to have the character show his emotion or reaction to the problem of having to lift that weight. I really liked this one... i spend extensive amount of hours making sure everything was working... so the only thing i feel like i gotta start leaning toward is on how to make it more interesting.. maybe watching videos of Duffy duck or goofy trying the same actions and learning how to exaggerate the movement...

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