Sunday, April 20, 2014

Psylocke.. why you so cool..

So here is a painting a been working on.. It started as a study but listening about comics lately and stuff decided to paint psylocke. A had trouble knowing when to finish. And I am sure I can do more to it (more highlight here and there, tangents, perhaps better anatomy in the arm) but I learned and practice what I needed and should move on to the next. enjoy!


  1. Juancho, I'm not a graphic artist, but I'm an artist nontheless. I've learned to accept that I'm a perfectionist. I try very hard to put out the very best I can. But over the years of doing this, I've learned one thing: If you constantly revisit your work to perfection, two things will happen 1) it'll never be perfect, 2) you'll never finish!!!! So, I've pretty much decided to call it a day when a project is reasonably finish, if there's something too distracting I'll come back and do some corrections, otherwise I move one. There'll always be small little things you can't stand in your work, but that's what makes us who we are. Our art is a reflection of who we are at the time it's made, so learn from each project and apply what you'd like to correct on the next ones. That's my 2 cents.

    1. Thats a lesson you can only learn by trial it seems. I did have the project open for a few days in my computer to see it with fresh eyes. So in terms of small corrections I did my fare share. But I did hope moving on was the thing to do. Thanks. Who might you be?

  2. I'm not sure if this would work with you but what I do is this: I keep a record of my progress and if changes from picture to picture are to little to no importance I just move on and try to finish as quickly as possible , if the contrary I'd true and there are drastic changes I just keep going.

  3. it works though what I do is look at the top of my history to see how much I did since I opened it… and considering what you say, there were no drastic changes. but it seems like something I should do more consciously, it should most definitely work for me, specially since I never finish them in just one sitting anyway. thanks.